American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]

I normally not do not post at all but am so angry I need this to spread so please share!
We have always had a home warranty – for the last 15 years it has been with American Home Shield (before 2003 it was a different company). So here goes our frustrating dealings with them recently…
The day before Thanksgiving I had a plumbing stoppage, frustrating but no problem we’re covered. I called AHS, paid the service call fee and they assigned a contractor. 3 hours later the plumber shows up, sees that I have water coming out of the main line overflow and states that our cesspool is full. He peeks into cesspool and says – yep you’re full, you need to be pumped, gets into his van an leaves. Was at our house for less than 5 minutes. We called AHS to ask if we still had to pay service fee because the plumber said it wasn’t a stoppage and was told yes we still had to pay, no refund for us. Not happy but live and learn. We are now panicked because we had cesspool pumped when we bought the house just months before. I called multiple companies and finally found one that could add us to their jam packed schedule the day before a holiday. They arrive a few hours later only to see that my cesspool is in fact NOT full and we have a mainline blockage. Well that was a relief but I still can’t use my water or facilities unless it gets snaked. We have them do the work. $255.27 later – yippee we are back in business!
I call AHS back to tell them that the “professional” they sent was wrong, that it was a plumbing stoppage, asked for a refund. I have been getting the run around for 6 days now with promises that they will “do some research” and call me back. Needless to say that has not happened. As the attached pic shows I was on hold for 5 minutes and mysteriosly was disconnected. Call back and was on hold for most of the hour that shows on my call log. Today I was told that they would not refund anything to me because I did not follow proper procedures. Their “procedures” indicate that I should have called and stated we disagreed with the diagnosis of first “professional” they sent. I’m so sorry – my crystal ball is in the freaking shop! How was I supposed to know I disagreeed with a “professional”! I followed the advice of the “professional” AHS sent us and called a cesspool company. Evidently we have to be able to see into the future to know that we disagreed with what their professional says.
Customer service barely speaks or understands English, supervisors are nearly impossible to reach and have no better understanding of customer service than the non English speaking people you are first connected with and Escalation Dept is a joke. When I asked to have this go to the escalation departments higher up I was denied.
Our policy is paid in full each year we have used AHS. This will be the last year we will waste our money on this sham of a company. After reading many complaint forums for AHS in the past 6 days it seems this is typical for them.
We personally will never use them again after contract is up and as a Real Estate professional I will NEVER recommend them and highly discourage anyone from wasting their hard earned money.
Please share the heck out of this!!!

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