Store manager rude and speaks inappropriately to customers. District manager requested by customer service to respond to inquiries and complaints but failed to respond or have the courtesy to reply. Poor service stems from the top down.

I purchased shoes and explained at the time I may not keep them due to them being large on one foot but would try them at home with an insert. They were dusty on the bottom ( clearance ) shoes. I advised I didn’t want to have an issue when /if returning. I also verified the return policy. A week later I went into return the shoes the store manager approached me at the register speaking very loudly and yelling what happened what happened why are you returning them and then proceeded to mumble under her breath to the cashier she probably wore the shoes . When I stayed it that they weren’t an asked to repeat what she said she proceeded to argue with me. Highly unprofessional behavior and clearly a loud by the lack of response of the district manager .

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