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I am using the airtel from a long time and May 4th 2018 I port it from Airtel prepaid to postpaid.

From that time only my problem started. I moved to USA for office work and carrying my number with me here.. when I came here it was working fine and suddenly it stopped working(after 2 month) and when I reached to customer care then they told me since you are outside the India I have to have International Roaming plan activated on my phone which is not sure, as few of my other friends are using the Airtel(postpaid) and they don’t have any international rooming plan on their number.

Because of my urgency I did activated the plan on my number after so many discussion, but after Airtel started charging me for the Internet here, even though I am not using internet on my phone. That phone is ideal and I am using that to receive the text messages nothings else.. but still Airtel is keep sending me the bills with internet charge.

Can someone please look into this issue:

One, do we need to have roaming pack if not then why my number was suspended? If yes then why other Indian airtel number working fine here without international roaming pack.
Bill correction.. as to me it looks like a fraud that airtel keep sending me bill for the services which I am not using.

Quick help will be appreciated. How to escalate or what is the right option to resolve this.



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