Your network covers cricket poorly at best. Did you learn nothing from 9?. Showing horse racing that a tiny percentage of Australians [censored] about while the ODI was on. Big fail. Only thing you did right this summer was to employ Phil Tuffnell. The mojority of your commentary team are total duds with a poor tv presentation. You make me not enjoy cricket much anymore after a lifelong love for the game. Camera placement and general footage is CRAP. Sell the rights back to nine who actually showed a care for the game of cricket. That knuckle head with he’s touch screen tv interruptions was a poor addition to the coverage also. Your coverage looks second rate or worse. Never liked sevens programming already. Trash tv is sevens domain. Stick to the tennis, the same demographic that watches the other types of crap 7 likes to show. Up yours for ruining cricket. [censored].

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