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During a town hall held at Kapilina Beach Homes in Ewa Beach, Hawaii on a Tuesday 10/22/2019 beginning at7pm Hawaiian standard time. With State representative Bob McDermott, Commanding office Cpt. Dabao Naval Facilities Hawai’i, Hawaiian Electric and Senator Kurt Favella. The senior regional manager Christine Carpio made it very apparent she is t in the business of working with families of the community she is assigned too. When a Military spouse spoke up with an issue of valid reasoning about rental increases and extremely high ultility bills, Christine responded with “well Kapilina isn’t for everyone” this is after this spouse had just signed a lease renewal and is now outside of the Housing allowance they were given by the military. Throughout this exchange Christine was smiling. This was the tip of the iceberg especially after she has repeated treated residents at town hall meetings as [censored]s stating that all anyone needs is education on the matters being brought up. This woman is extremely unprofessional and should not be representing any company whatsoever

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