Non-Stop Spam from Dishonest Scammer Ty Cohen

This fellow Ty Cohen is a snake oils salesman spamming people with bunch of crap offers from his affiliate links. Each and every day, it is another offer and never-ending email cycle of spam to get you to buy more products and programs that you don’t need and more information as distraction that you can’t remove yourself from because even after you do so, you still receive these spammed scams.

Worst of all, when Ty Cohen is not promoting another affiliate offer, he is busy ripping people off into joining his course and live event Kindle Cash Flow that is nothing but utter pure garbage to make money by spamming more craps on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and ripping other people off who are actually doing the hard work with his dishonest deception in what he posts on freelancer websites that is becoming a well-known bad reputation of his. Ty Cohen is one of the biggest reasons why Amazon is now a spamland mine of pure craps from other spammers putting more craps out all competing against each other, when it used to be a clean marketplace of high-quality products from legitimate and credible people.

More folks need to come forward on exposing this con man Ty Cohen. He and all these affiliated con artist marketers need to be stopped from tricking and ripping people off with false promises of a better life only to better their own pockets because the real money is made in the teaching and the promising of you being able to make money and have a better life, going back to the cliche if it’s too good to be true – it is.

The FTC must step in to investigating and taking action against his practices and claims, while Amazon KDP and other merchants need to ban his accounts and anything associated with Ty Cohen.

We all must vigilantly come together into relentless stopping these ever-growing online scams that are getting worse and bigger every day.

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