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Just started receiving for the first time for my new magazine food network on the first delivery received it on my front lawn and second delivery on the lawn again, halfway to my door and got wet !!! In the past I have five other magazines received by regular mail with no problems and they stay dry. If able to please change this to regular mail which I’ve had no problems. Thank you my name is gilbert mendez 253 so emma ave ventura ca 93003

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  • Doorfront direct

    I don’t subscribe to any magazines but have had about 6 of them dropped at the foot of my driveway that were addressed to other people usually in neighboring towns to mine. Each time this happened, I would notify Doorfront direct about the incorrect delivery. They would always apologize and say that they will forward my email to the “delivery team”. But this kept happening and I filed a BBB complaint against them last month. Since then, I haven’t had any other magazines dropped in my driveway. They seem to have lazy, incompetent delivery people.

    Doorfront direct is a brand name for the magazine delivery service run by Publishers Circulation Fulfillmemt Inc. (PCF Corp.) PCF Corp is a subsidiary of Gannett Publications and the CEO of PCF is Randall Brant based in Middletown, NY. I think they’re trying to undercut the postal service in terms of magazine delivery costs.

    Laurie Anderson January 23, 2020 8:18 pm Reply

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