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My girlfriend & I just moved from Massachusetts to Seattle through U-Pack and we were told that it would take 6-8 business days for our cube to arrive in Seattle. After a 12-day road trip across the country, we called for our cube to be dropped off at our new apartment. We were told that the company literally had NO idea where our cube was. This was Friday, and OF COURSE, they’re not open on weekends. We called them on Monday and they still didn’t know where it was. We called them on Tuesday and they still didn’t know where it was. Finally, later that day, a woman from the company called us and told us the cube had been sitting in Dayton, OH since the first day of its shipment.

(Just to make things worse, we drove to Dayton the first day of our road trip.)

We were told that the cube wouldn’t arrive until the next Monday, 21 days after it had been originally picked up, a full 14 business days from when it was supposed to arrive.

Not only did we not have furniture in our new apartment for 2 weeks (including our bed–at least our floors are comfortable to sleep on), we didn’t have anything to cook with, so we were forced to buy things out of pocket which we had already packed in the cube, and the woman told us that we would not be compensated for those out of pocket expenses. Nor would we be compensated for the extra storage we purchased because we thought the cube would beat us by a whole week, which it clearly did not, and we clearly had no use for.

We also lost our moving help because we had friends in the area the day we planned to move in on. We were told that they would not be offerring us complementary moving help.

They offered us less than 25% of what we paid for the move, which was well over $2000, not even enough to cover HALF of a month’s rent.

All in all, I have felt 0% satisfaction from this company even though they boast a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you DO plan on moving with this company, I sincerely hope you choose U-Pack Guaranteed which we were told would have given us a full refund, however, we weren’t even offered this feature to begin with. Great salesmanship.

Final words: U-Pack WILL screw you over if you are looking for any kind of refund so when you make the call, assume the position.

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