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I had Smooth Move move most of my large items. They were on time and very professional. However, when they reassembled my entertainment center it was not assembled correctly. I contacted them and they sent Angel out to inspect it. He stated that he needed another person to help and he would be right back. After waiting three hours my wife and I left.
I contacted the company. My call was not returned for several days. When they did return my call Angel stated that he had returned originally and no one answered. I told him we waited three hours. He stated that they knocked. I said that he should have called would return and assemble the item.
They came and I met them at the door. They saw what was needed. I asked if they needed me to be with them. They stated that they did not. Then I, being ill, went back to bed.
When I came out I looked at the entertainment center and I saw that it again was not assembled correctly. I contacted the company. Again it took several calls over several days to talk to them.
Finally, Angel called me back. He asked what the issue was. I told him. He than began to speak to me in an elevated tone as though I were his misbehaving child. He stated that they correctly assembled the item. He stated that he came once and we didn’t answer the door. He then stated that he knocked on my bedroom door after they “fixed” the item and I could not be bothered to answer the door. If he had knocked why would I not answer the door? He then stated that it costs money for him to bring guys out to fix things that do not need to be fixed.
I asked him if that’s how he speaks to customers. He stated, “Oh well”. I told him to just forget about it.
I called the office to explain how I had been treated. I was told that no one in authority was in but they would give them the message. I asked to be given a call when the person in authority received my message. I did not receive a call. I called back and left yet another message to be called. Shortly after, they called and left a message that the person in authority was given the message. I never received a return call.
The experience was very unpleasant. Do yourself a favor and skip Smooth Move USA!

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