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This is the second time that I used Royal Movers, LLC. The first time was last year and one of the workers showed up hung over and with broken equipment.  I called Carlos and he was very apologetic and agreed to take off an hour and promised me that if I used his service again he would send me two of his “best men.” I unknowingly booked him the second time after seeing it advertised on Craigslist.  When I realized it was the same company I called him to remind him of my experience last year.  He agreed that this time would be different.

They showed up on time and were friendly and professional.  However, when I realized that we were headed into the third hour and they had not finished packing up my one-bedroom apartment (I was moving into a 500sqft studio, so I didn’t have that much stuff), I thought, well, maybe I need to help them out.

Once we arrived at my new apartment to unload, the unpacking went more swiftly (we had a reserved elevator) UNTIL….they couldn’t get my sofa up the stairs.  Carlos called me and told me that they couldn’t get the sofa up and that he didn’t want to damage it.  I suggested that they try a different angle and he moved it a little before saying, yeah, I’m sorry it’s just too tall, it won’t go up because of the low ceiling. After a few exchanges back and forth, I said, fine, just leave it in the hallway.

30mins later I called two of my male friends and VOILA: They get the damn sofa up three flights of stairs in less than 10 minutes!!

I called Carlos back to let him know that I was disappointed and he completely talked over me and tried to change the story by saying, I told you we could get it up but that I was afraid that we may damage it.  What client is going to encourage a mover to push their furniture up the stairs when they blatantly keep saying, it’s too tall, we’re going to damage it if we push anymore?!?

The reality is that they just didn’t have the man power to get this move done efficiently. Carlos is hard working however the 60yr old man he had with him just did not have the stregnth or endurance to pull out a move. I could tell he was doing best but hell, he’s gotta be pushing 60!! They were EXHUASTED by the end of the move and did not have the energy or interest to get my sofa up the stairs.

This has been a valuable lesson. You get what you pay for…or I guess in my case, you DON’T get what you paid for.

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