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I just recently used this moving company’s services. Everything went great with the move except when the movers hooked up the washer, they did not tighten the hoses and did not put the drainage hose into the wall. My entire hallway flooded as well as 3 feet into my spare bedroom and bathroom.

I contacted Dwan immediately via phone. Per Dwan, this had happened before! We spoke via phone again a couple days later. Dwan refuses to confirm our conversation via Yelp Messenger and even though he has stated several times on messenger that he would send my receipt, he has failed to do so.

Ultimately, I ended up needing to file a claim with my homeowners insurance as the damage requires new flooring throughout my home since it’s continuous as I am unable to get the same flooring from the same manufactured lot so it will not match. Dwan seemed very eager to work together on this but since it now needs to go through his insurance company, he is no longer cooperative. I am completely disappointed in this company.

I have gone onto the BBB website and this company has a F rating. They have failed to provide the required competency license. BBB has been in contact several times and no response. All mail sent to the PO box on file is returned.

A company should never state they provide “mechanical work (assembly/disassembly)” if they can’t guarantee it. No where was I told in writing OR in person that they are not liable for anything they do… This was something that could have been avoided if the movers had simply voiced that they were not comfortable setting up the washer OR telling me to make sure it was hooked up properly before using it. If I was aware of this, I would have set up the washer myself.

I purchased my home because it was move-in ready and I absolutely loved the flooring… Since day 1 of being in my new home, I haven’t been able to enjoy it. I have had to deal with the insurance, loud fans that were on for 10 days straight and the company coming almost every day to service them, the removal of my flooring in the hallway, and now I have to get my flooring replaced. I now have a claim on file with my homeowner’s insurance which is NOT good and I have to pay a large amount out of pocket to do so……….. I am not guaranteed to receive my deductible back and this is a huge burden financially.

I had hoped that Dwan would be professional and follow through with working with me, avoiding a Yelp Review as this. It seemed promising in the beginning. I will NEVER refer this company to any of my friends, family or co-workers. This needs to be made right!

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