I am extremely upset about how my business with PODS has progressed. First off, it was an expensive choice, though it made the most sense at the time- we were moving from one side of the country to Arkansas, staying with a relative while we searched for a house. When I was on the phone with the rep (who was fine), he asked me where I would be moving to. I told him we didn’t know, but would be looking in a certain town and the surrounding areas. He asked me for a zip code just to mark down for records, so I gave him the one my relative lives in.

At no point did this representative mention to me that these surrounding towns might be unable to receive PODS service. All I was told was that if we move to an area not as near Little Rock as we thought, we might have to use the Fayetteville or Jonesboro (or something) PODS facility instead. That was fine by me.

We had our pod dropped off and picked up just fine, the trouble started after we finally found a house, about twenty minutes away from the address I gave the PODS rep in the beginning. So I called them up to get my pod delivered, and all of a sudden, they told me they don’t service that area. I was understandably distressed, as the whole move has been incredibly stressful, and this was completely unanticipated. Obviously, I never would have signed up for this expensive company if I thought they wouldn’t be able to deliver. They told me that I would have to drive all the way to Little Rock and unload my things there at my own expense, then load them into a truck, then unload them AGAIN back at the new house! This is absurd.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, but I was denied this. The rep said she spoke to one on my behalf, and they still refused to deliver. I asked for escalation, they told me they emailed the Little Rock PODS facility, but my request was denied yet again.

Here’s the real kicker though: they will deliver to the original address, my relative’s house. I got her okay to do that, so the POD will now be coming here. The ridiculous part is that her address is literally halfway up a long windy mountain road in the middle of nowhere. The address I want it actually delivered to is right off the main highway, an extremely easy drop-off point.

I also apparently need to wait about 3 weeks for the pod to be delivered, which is utterly ridiculous as well, especially since I am still being forced to pay the same amount I was originally quoted despite all the setbacks. I am very upset, and I certainly plan to share this story with everyone I can. I will also be posting this review on multiple websites.

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