Olympic Move & Transport

I personally wouldn’t recommend this place. I’ll start by saying I was in a bind and had book them last minute so that was THE ONLY POSITIVE in my entire experience

-I should’ve known when I booked the appointment the women on the other end was bashing another company that I had booked for previous moves (and actually had booked for this move)but when my closing date changed at last minute I had no choice but to use this company. (And be advised that other company… none of this kind of shenanigans had happened with the 2 moves I hired them for… so I think karma may have worked it’s way after she did all that talking about how great her company was)

-Their 8am arrival time turned into 10am… this was after they showed up at the finishing address not the starting

-I needed to be finished at 12pm so I literally helped them MOVE MAJORITY OF THE SMALLER STUFF I OWN to the truck in fear they wouldn’t finish on time (if you’re wondering if either employee thanked me for my help nope… they said no problem it would get done…they finished at 11:25)

-On their way to the finishing address they got in an accident no damage was done to my stuff nor were the employees hurt but it delayed them a bit in starting my move in

-and lastly they left their Dolly’s and wrap at my old place so I had to have someone make sure they were home so they could pick it up

I mean this was just my experience take it with a grain of salt…. but if I were you I’d probably go somewhere else

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