NorthStar Moving Company

Update: While filling out the paperwork I was asked several times if I’d submitted a review yet…again and again… After being at our new place a few months we keep coming across dented, broken items. Now I know why they were quite insistent on having me leave a review before they left. If you decide to go with this company do not, I repeat, DO NOT let them move your electronics or anything you don’t want dented. Completely cracked my bf’s new gaming monitor (which they offered to pay a small portion for but wouldn’t replace it–after going back and forth they offered an amt that would actually help), dented my blueray player, dented the top of my receiver, broke a lamp, etc. Don’t get me wrong, the guys were very pleasant to work with, but I won’t be going back. So disappointing because the first time I used this company a couple years ago and they did an amazing job and everything went so smoothly.

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