Mustard Seed Moving of Arkansas

I’m writing this review after just leaving the Pulaski County Prosecutor’s Office to file a criminal complaint for theft against Roy Gatlin, the current operator of Mustard Seed Moving.

I hired Mustard Seed Moving to move me from my old apartment to a new apartment on Monday, April 16th. Roy Gatlin contacted me on Monday morning (Roy apparently is the one running the show now – Jason Quinn is MIA in Arizona) to let me know he was on his way. 2 hours later, Roy and two other men arrived at my apartment. I told them all explicitly not to move a queen sleeper sofa, chair, and ottoman into the truck, as someone was coming to get it from my old apartment later that afternoon. Roy called me 2 hours later and told me he “accidentally” loaded the couch, chair, and ottoman. After some back and forth regarding the couch,chair, and ottoman, I agreed to pay Roy to deliver them to the friend’s house instead. My friend contacted me that night and let me know that they were never delivered. Two days later, they have still not been delivered and Roy is MIA. He currently runs the company but has pending charges for theft (other than mine submitted today) and a host of other criminal charges and convictions throughout the state of Arkansas. His phone number’s area code is one for Las Vegas, so who knows what other criminal convictions he has. Please, please, please let this be a warning to you not to hire Mustard Seed Moving Company.

If the theft alone isn’t enough for you to be convinced not to hire Mustard Seed, then listen to this: the one bedroom apartment move took three men 6.5 hours. It was the most unprofessional move I have ever experienced. They arrived with no dolly, no blankets, and basically no materials you would expect movers to have. I have gouges in the sheetrock of my old apartment from where they rammed furniture into it. I assisted with the tail end of the move because it was taking them so long. When they left my new apartment, I was in tears. Be warned – these guys are NOT real movers.

Mustard Seed may have a low price, but trust me they will take twice the time and not be half as careful or professional as the more reputable movers in town, and it will end up costing you more money in the end. They charged me $700+ for a one bedroom apartment move.

And oh yeah, Roy Gatlin stole my phone charger off my counter that I lent him to charge his phone.

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