Mothers Helpers

There were many many problems with this move. They didn’t respect the times we agreed on for service. First they were supposed to be at the house at 12 then showed up at 430, the manager of the company was no where to be seen. They didn’t preview what they had to pack. They took no responsibility for lost time and broken objects in the truck. They were extremely disrespectful with my belongings. At one point when they opened the truck a box with my comic book collection opened up and poured all over the floor and they didn’t even apologize for the actions. They said four people would show up to pack and there were only two. One was kind and respectful the other smelled of vodka and soda and continuously drank out of a soda cup that I can only assume wasn’t just soda. And then they disappeared for almost a full day with my belongings and told me it was traffic. When I drove through the same area 10 hours before hand. And when unloading besides the comic books, glass in pictures and large framed paintings were broken, and my 65″ tv was broken and when I confronted the manager about that all he said was to contact uhaul because that wasn’t his problem. If you need to move a piano or a punching bag or something from Craigslist. Call these guys. But if your doing a real move and you want your belongings to be safe and covered. Don’t call these guys.

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