Mojos Moving Services

I don’t write many reviews but I was extremely disappointed in this moving service. My appointment was scheduled for 12, around 12:20 I called just to make sure they hadn’t forgot about the appointment, I was told they were finishing up a job and they would be over in 30-40 mins. I was totally fine with that. 3 hours later the two men showed up, 3 hours. No call or anything to let me know.   I had a one bedroom apartment, about 10-15 boxes, a couch, coffee table, tv stand, bed, dresser.  I do not own a lot and it took them 3.5 hours. After they were done packing up my old place they said they were hungry and needed to go get food then would head over to my new place.  This was also included in my final bill amount. One guy was very respectful but the other complained the entire time and kept saying how tired and burnt out he was. I would not recommend this moving company. Wish I would’ve paid a little more for a company that was more considerate of my time and money.

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