Merchants Transfer & Warehouse Co.

We have had a terrible moving experience. I should have read the previous review prior to using this company. My husband and I have used United for 3 out of state moves and only had one issue with a damaged item which was promptly taken care of. This is a Little Rock franchisee so as much as I would love to blame United (and I am certain we wont use them on our next move), this is a local issue. This was a full service move for us. They were late arriving, late packing our things, late arriving to our new home (two weeks with no beds and I have two young daughters!) They didnt protect floors, doors, stairs, anything in our old home. I walked into our kitchen with my daughter and one of the guys was literally eating our food from our fridge with his dirty hands and without permission. Talk about feeling violated. The pack and label jobs – ugh- they labeled boxes Chistmas Ornaments if they didnt know what they were. I opened one of the “christmas ornament” boxes to find a sewing machine not wrapped or protected, on top of our business files. Still not sure if the sewing machine is operational because Im unpacking “christmas ornaments”.  I am shocked at how many broken items there are – lamps, furniture legs, baskets, frames, etc. I would have preferred packing and moving ourselves over this “full service” move. As the local(not Little Rock) company was unloading the truck, they could not believe how things were packed and loaded on the truck. The Salt Lake City crew prepped the house prior to unloading and had me take pictures of our broken furniture items while they were still on the truck. Too many issues to list in addition to no one taking responsibility at the company. I wish I didnt have to write this review because I like doing business locally but this has been horrific. Im hoping United corporate will get involved and train these people. Protect yourself and your things. Elite movers moved us from one location in Little Rock to another, they were amazing. Regretfully, I used United because we had used them in the past. Do not make the same mistake!

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