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Find another company. I used Meathead 3 weeks ago for a move and they showed up and stood around for 30 min looking at furniture, instead of moving it. I had to ask them 4 times to get started because I was on a tight timeline and while they were polite, they weren’t concerned about my time.
Everything is prearranged with the company, but the guys that arrive have no idea what they’re doing until they arrive and start the whole assessment process over.
They’re over-priced compared to other movers also (don’t take my word for it – compare them and see) and they’ll nickel and dime you to death over time (see below) and silly furniture “names.” A small desk, end table, coffee table, lamp stand, etc. can all be subjectively “named” and they won’t budge until they have a name for it.
They claim to jog the whole time, but that’s definitely not the case. Since you’re charged for time, they make sure to take as much as possible. Even for small, light boxes or handheld items, I watched them walk, not run, to and from the truck.
They took 2 1/2 times as long as promised, I paid over double what we originally agreed and I moved 20% of the furniture for them to keep the process going!
I couldn’t supervise them every minute they were working, but if you hire them, supervise them. They took “breaks” whenever my back was turned.

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