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If I can give them no stars I would. The worse move I have ever experience.  we used to move every 3 years being part of a military family and this is the worse move I have ever experienced. We schedule the move a week in a half before the move, since mother nature is very unpredictable, it happened to snow on the day of the move. Geoff and another guy, I believe his name is Aaron came over. Aaron was awesome. He did not complain and whine about the snow. I was moving from one apt. to another apt. around the corner, in the same complex. Geoff and Aaron came over with a small trailer, Geoff did say tell me that is all he had because their truck is being use, which is fine as long as they get the move done, after three loads and unloads Geoff called it quits because of the snow. After two hours and seeing that there was still a lot me and my daughter started carrying things over in the new apt. in the snow.  Not only did they quit in the middle of the move they also damaged walls. The one that I noticed right away and pointed out to Geoff, he took off $20 said it was not bad, I just need to put stucco and paint over it, well stucco does not stick too well on metal, when they hit the corner of the wall, the paint came off and the metal was dented in. After they left I went thru the apt. to see what else I had to move myself I noticed a dent on the wall in the master bedroom and another dent in the hall way, opposite of the first dent. I did txt Geoff about it and asked for their insurance company and he refuse to provide it. This move was the worse move ever. Me and my teen age daughter had to walk over the two wooden tables, boxes and our tv in the snow. If I can save anyone from going through this experience, you may want to think really hard if you want to use this company.

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