Fresno Moving And Storage, Inc.

We purchased a headboard from Pier 1 and Fresno Moving and Storage was the company to provide the White Glove Service. I tracked the headboard online and saw it had been delivered to Fresno Moving and Storage but never got a call from them to deliver the item. I had to call them twice. As others have stated, I found the office to be rude. It took three weeks to have our headboard delivered. When it finally came it was installed improperly, with large bolts facing outward so the bed couldn’t be moved against the wall. After they left, we had to dismantle and put the headboard together ourselves. Also, while here, the deliverer damaged items during installation. I was on the phone with Pier 1 while the deliverers were still here, I took photos of the damage and had receipts for items damaged (since the items were new). Fresno Moving and Storage agreed to pay only $40 even though they were the ones who caused the damage. Pier 1 stepped in and paid the balance left by Fresno Moving and Storage which was nearly $500. We got the check from Pier 1 in days. This was in October. It’s now March and we still have no check from Fresno Moving and Storage. I have complete faith in Pier 1 but NONE in Fresno Moving and Storage. They’re unprofessional and do not stand behind their work.

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