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FACT: I was told when I moved out of my old house that the first month of storage was included in the move out charges by the lead mover as it says at the top of their Yelp page. After they moved me into my home 5 months later they said I was never told that, and of course that person didnt remember telling me that. I don’t make stuff up, its right here in print and I know what the person handling the paperwork told me when he was at the house on move out day.

FACT: They billed me twice in the same month for storage only days apart,  and when I disputed the charges with American Express FISCHER threatened me with legal action.

FACT:  Though I asked, they do not do an inventory of the items they are taking or the number of boxes like the other moving companies. After a couple of weeks being in my new home I went to use the BBQ only to realize the LP tanks were missing.  I had to send multiple emails over time until someone finally returned them to me a month after the move in.

FACT: They damaged my new living room furniture, placing deep gouges in my new coffee table.  They do not shrink wrap your upholstered furniture so I found big black handprints on my also new off white love seat. The wrapping in a moving blanket is insufficient. My  Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner which was not only scraped everywhere but required repair.
FISCHER DENIES ANY RESPONSIBILITY for any of this because it took me more than the allotted 48 hours to find and report all the damage and they accused me of making it up after the fact.

FACT: When they deliver your furniture they make you sign something that says you will report anything that was wrong within 48 hours. I am a 64 year old woman who moved a 3300 square foot home without help unpacking. Most of my things were new or near new because no one used them but myself.  I was certain of their condition when they were taken by Fischer. It took me weeks to unpack all alone and therefore find some of the problems. Jeff Fischer claims they do a walk through at the end of a move in but he was not there and it never happened in my case. The movers, who I will say were hard working, were in a hurry after a long day, to leave, and I was just handed the paperwork to sign.

ON TOP OF ALL THIS IN MHO, I FIND THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE charging $345 an hour for 4 men.  There are also significant additional charges for gas and the movers took multiple breaks, which they deserved, however that time was not backed out of my bill. When I chose them I was told that the reason they were a bit more expensive was because they were the only moving company in the area with the level of credentials they had however those credentials, whatever they may be, did not protect me from a bad experience.

I have moved cross country with other national moving companies without any incident at all. They   provided a full inventory including the number of boxes and unboxed items, shrink wrapped all upholstered furniture, and made written notes of the condition of all furniture with notations of specific flaws such as scratches, dents and dings.
I highly recommend keeping all  your precious, delicate and personal items with you instead of giving them to movers to move or store. I will leave it at that.

Im sure some others who have used this company and given them great reviews had a good experience however I did not.  I highly recommend you do your homework on this.

Update: 10 weeks after my move and multiple convos with Fischer they still have not repaired my furniture as they promised and as I get down the the end of unpacking I am still items missing. Make sure you put everything in a box because the things Ive had missing were not, although a box of garage tools was missing as well. Number your boxes and do an inventory immediately as  they are unloading.

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