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This was the WORST EXPERIENCE of a move.  I interviewed 4 moving companies to move me from Fresno to Nipomo, approx. 170 miles.  I decided on DW Ewing Movers because their estimate fell in the middle of all the others.  Donna came out to review the items I had to move and gave me a price.  The day of the move the ‘loader’ called me 30 minutes late telling me he was at the location.  He was 3 blocks away!  I directed him to my location and he arrived in a truck that was way to small to hold all of my belongings.  He also told me we would be finished by 2:00 pm and hit the road.  At this time Donna decided the truck was too small and ordered another to arrive after 3:00!  Needless to say, the two trucks were over packed, leaving my items to get damaged and held haphazardly.  The loader also had to remove the doors to my refrigerator to move out of house, then packed it on the truck without putting back together.  I insisted it be put back together for the move as it would fit into the new location with the doors on.  He was never able to put the doors back on evenly even though he tried banging on the tops!!  It was after 6pm we were finally able to hit the road. The next day the trucks arrived and the unloading started.  Other than not being able to make sense of where they were putting things, I happened upon one of my decorative Marge Carson table that had deep gouges in the top from the packing of the truck.  I was in the middle of telling the ‘loader’ how damaged it was when he turned away from me.  I said “don’t you even care that this was damaged?”.  He replied, “No, I don’t really care….I’ve been in this business for over 30 years, heard it all and really don’t care”.  I WOULD NEVER refer this mover to anyone and will never use again.  There was no compensation for the damages done and barely an apology from Donna. BEWARE OF THIS BUSINESS…

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