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Terrible experience – terrible. Filed a complaint via the Better Business Bureau and discovered they had an “F” rating – wish I had known that before! Do NOT use them – don’t think, “Oh this might work for us”. They have been incredibly rude, especially after we specifically shared our concerns. Here goes:

Using a voucher from LivingSocial, we scheduled a day for 2 men to work 4 hours each (the company minimum) for a packing job. In the process of setting the appointment, you have to explain what work will be done – so this was clarified ahead of time. There is a confirmation call the weekend before they arrive – also confirming the details.

When the workers arrived, they listed the start time as earlier than when they arrived. Immediately, before any work was done, we were told we must pay – and I was told to initial the arrival time (8 minutes off, but still inaccurate) and to initial beside the box for the departure time – even though it was empty. They couldn’t work until I did that. They would ask about certain items and I would tell them that we needed things packed only – and yet they still began taking our things to a truck.

When we finally got them to understand that this was a packing only day – one employee worked at a moderate speed but the other simply walked around the house over and over. The quality of packing is low – these are professional movers, and yet they often did not use paper or anything to secure fragile items like glasses, picture frames, etc. They apparently took things out of boxes that we already had packed – we’re finding random things in random places now.

Medicine that we need are gone (didn’t know until 2a when it was time to take it before bed). I trust it’s one of fifteen boxes – but they were specifically told NOT to pack them. Yet they didn’t pack the dresser (beside the very same boxes) that I SPECIFICALLY asked to be packed (and they said they did).

Because of the quality of work, and the fact that I would have to fix many of the things that had gone wrong – we decided that the workers should leave early. At 12:29, they left. The form they filled out said they worked until 2 (some of their paperwork said they worked four hours, and some five).

I understood that the company had a four hour minimum and a one time truck fee (this is what I was told during scheduling – information that was NOT on their Living Social program) – so I recognized that sending them home would not change how much we had to spend. But I was incredibly surprised and dismayed when the paperwork intentionally misrepresented when they worked – I even wrote on the form that I signed (a timesheet) when they actually left (beside my name).

Worst still, I contacted the company immediately – and their response was,”Thank you for your feedback. The crew is trained in packing and loading boxes and did not see that this is a packing only job which you communicated to them day off as explained. We do have a minimum as was told when you booked, thus even if they worked an hour we still do charge the minimum.” The follow up when I asked to actually speak to someone? They have nothing more to say. The guys showed up in an unmarked truck – at this point, the whole thing seems like a complete scam.

I have pictures and video of the poor packing job (or in one case, something they said was done that they didn’t do) – this was NOT a professional job. I recognize that there was an agreed-to minimum (my concern wasn’t about the charge, per se) – but the company really doesn’t mind that employees misrepresent their time and location on signed documents? Two employees forged a document saying they were at work for 90 minutes that they weren’t there – so what happens if those two employees get into an accident or something happens? Yet the company had no concern whatsoever and seems totally uninterested in dealing with customers once they have your money.

We will have to spend more time and effort and money to fix the really, really shoddy work done by the folks who came today. If the movers were not professionally trained to pack (but instead, load and move things), the company should’ve said that during the call – shouldn’t have scheduled this team – shouldn’t offer the service, etc. We are incredibly disappointed. Now, we are determined to let folks know that this is NOT a professional service.

We are seeking recourse through the BBB, and have reached out to Living Social, so that they know what the service is like. As I said – we have several photos of boxes that can’t withstand the weight, or that are broken on the bottom – but are marked fragile, etc. I have one plastic tote that was left half-empty and taped. It’s a cluster—-. Again, do NOT use this place.

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