College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

Using College Hunks was the absolute worst consumer experience I’ve had in decades!  Classic “bait and switch” tactics. An associate of mine originally referred me directly to Habitat for Humanity’s program that accepts donations that are reused in homes they renovate.  During a visit to make a donation at a local Goodwill Center they told me that College Hunks had a partnership with Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill to pick up donated items.

I thought this was a good way to get the items moved from my home and support a reputable charity.  I called College Hunks to understand the partnership and to get an estimate for removing 7 theatre chairs from my basement.  The customer service representative told me they use cost ranges related to how much truck space is needed to move a customer’s items.

But because my items were so specific—7 chairs—she was certain the cost would be “about $150”.  She went on to say she was sure of this because the chairs were similar in size to 2 large sofas and the cost for two sofas would be “about $150”.  I explained that I also had a stereo component to donate and asked how much more it would cost me to include that item.  She said “oh I’m pretty sure they will include that in the $150”

I made the appointment for the next day.  The truck arrived later than the several hour window they gave me.  I knew I was in trouble when the “driver supervisor” Renaldo Kevin L. starts off by asking me in a used car salesman tone “how much do you want to pay for this job”?  Somewhat confused by his approach, I told him I had an estimate of $150 from his office.  He said “oh no this will cost you close to $450”.

I explain that his number is 3 times more than what I was quoted.  He insisted that “the customer service folks make this mistake all the time, but what they told you has nothing to do with my price.  I’m in charge”.  He offered to “lower” his price to $380.  I call their office to ask them to review my estimate in their system and or listen to the recorded conversation.  The customer service representative repeated the exact same words, at last 6 times, no matter how I asked for a solution to this problem.  He said “There is nothing I can do.

The driver is in charge of determining the cost”.  I asked for a supervisor.  The call center representative told me “every supervisor is in a meeting”.  I then asked for a call back when the supervisors are free.  He committed to have someone call me that day.  Needless to say no one called that day or any other day since this occurred.

By this time “supervisor” Renaldo Kevin. L is annoyed by my efforts to address this issue.  He proceeds to tell me “now I’m going to take the price back to $440”.  I ask why and he tells me “because you are being disrespectful”.  I tell him this is some classic “bait and switch” tactics.  He then tells me that he’s decided to not do the job at all and that “I can call another company”.

I had a furniture delivery coming the next day and needed to have the chairs removed, so I had no choice but to pay this guy $440 to remove the 7 chairs as opposed to the quoted $150 or something reasonably in the same ballpark.  I am unclear as to why reputable charities such as Goodwill and? Habitat for Humanity would align with these kinds of business practices.  Never again!!!

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