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DO NOT USE THESE MOVERS!!! unless you don’t care how your stuff is treated, then by all means, go for it!

I purchased the Groupon, which seemed like a great deal, at first… I got scheduled right away, for the day I needed, so that was the easy part.

the movers showed up on time, but took about a half an hour putting their shoes on and getting their “equipment” out of the truck. when they finally got started they realized they forgot their plastic wrap and blankets. I offered the humongous roll of bubble wrap I had, but they refused, said they’d be careful. long story short…they weren’t. they didn’t make a call to the office about it, they just continued their job, very very VERY slowly. granted I lived in an upstairs apartment, but it took them over two hours to move my “big furniture” (which didn’t include any appliances…and I lived in an apartment…my “big furniture” isn’t “big” or in over abundance). but you would’ve guessed that I was moving an entire mansion. and you could tell they didn’t want to be there… one of them would disappear for awhile, leaving the little guy running up and down the stairs, over working himself, grabbing things that were too big for one person. not handling anything with very much care. low and behold, they ended up going over time before they were halfway done. so I had to have them leave all of the boxes, and I had to end up scrambling to find another way to get the rest of my belongings moved.

when we finally got to my new house (after they hopped a curb or two on the drive there…which was only about 3 miles). they started the unload, I got instructions on where I wanted everything. the house as empty so it was quick and painless… when I got the final total I was told I could only pay with cash…which should’ve been a red flag in itself. so I had to scramble to get someone to run an atm for me. I asked to have a receipt emailed to me immediately. I have a home based business, so for business purposes I need one.

the email never came, of course. it was getting late, so by the time the movers left there wasn’t much time to unpack anything that night. the next day we awoke and started unpacking. I noticed some rather large gashes in the top of my work table… but figure it was just the one thing, it wasn’t THAT big of a deal. we took about two weeks to really start noticing the rest. I work 12 hour shifts and was on a seven day stretch, and had a family member in the hospital, so I was keeping busy, but my roommate kept telling me to look at the couch, it had some big scratches in the leather. we had another couch, so I told her not to sit on it until I had a chance to check it out. when I looked at it my stomach turned. my beautiful leather couch was wrecked! it’s a sectional and only one of the sections was damaged. front and back. ripped in the back and snagged all the way down the front.

I had also started to notice my bed felt like it had sunk in the middle. noticed a lot of the cover on the box spring was ripped. I finally pulled the mattress off and my expensive tempurpedic box spring was falling apart. had damage from being dropped on one end and all of the support boards were separate and broken.

I called the phone number listed to speak with an owner. told him all of the damage. he seemed like he really wanted to work with me. seemed legitimately concerned with the damage they’d caused. he informed me that one of the guys who had moved me had been terminated from the company and he’d check with the other guy and get back to me. so I took pictures of the damages and forwarded them to him. he asked me for my name and move date.

immediately after receiving the pictures from me he started making excuses. saying it was caused by “normal wear and tear”. came up with an excuse saying his movers told him my family unloaded the truck, so being that me and my family touched the stuff while the movers were there, then they were no longer liable for any damages. I informed him that he didn’t have the right person… first of all…I’m disabled. I am unable to move anything myself, which is why I had to hire movers in the first place. second of all…I didn’t have ANY family there the entire move. no one, except the movers touched anything. then he asked me for my name again….because he just for some reason couldn’t remember, or go back in text messages to read them…so I have him my name again. and then he disappeared.

I’ve tried calling multiple times. no answer. and tried text multiple times as well. I literally just sent another text, hoping he responds.

anyway, this is my horrible experience with this company. I don’t recommend them at all. …did I mention shady movers, shady people? ugh. now I’m frustrated again

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