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Careful of this crew…all of our prescription medicine went “missing”. If you do use them, make sure you move all of your valuables (and things you can’t replace) yourself.

On top of this, the insurance you pay for is only valid if you make a claim in writing within 7 days of the move. They’ve been super underwhelmingly helpful in trying to remedy the situation as well.

When it comes to Vosco: you get what you pay for. Read through a few other 1-star reviews here and you’ll understand that you’re rolling the dice with Vosco. If anything does goes wrong (a low probability given the high average), you’re on your own.

UPDATE: Per Jim’s reply below, you can see how well the team communicates at Vosco. The first time I brought this up was with an email exchange with someone named Bryan on July 21. Bryan replied with a short email saying he would get back me after asking around — and after two more reminder emails I gave up trying to contact Bryan again. We also paid 90% of a 6 hour quote (which they said was on the high end for a move like this), so I’m not sure why that would matter here.

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