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First off they missed the first scheduled appointment with me where they said they would meet me at my storage unit at 8am. I was sitting there at my open unit preparing stuff for when they arrived. 815am no movers, 830am no movers. I called and got no response. I closed my unit then got a call saying they got tied up at a prior customers house & they would call me in an hour. 3hrs passed @12pm no calls. I called them over n over til 5pm they ignored my calls. Finally 530pm he called & said he couldn’t answer the phone bcus he would take time from the other client. But I wasted my whole day off waiting for something that didn’t get done. Then he said he could come first thing in the morning, I said if he was gonna show up then ok. He got mad and went to a shitty a aggressive attitude with me. I backed off and said I would trust him once more. Next day I was at my storage 15mins b4 the appt & he called and said he didn’t have a truck. He was gonna be late again?!? I knew it.. I waited in my car with my kid 2hrs there til he got the truck, then he showed up alone instead of the grp I paid for, said they were coming. He started himself and started the clock w/less ppl then I paid for! I decided to help him myself, I just wanted to get it done. Rented him for 2hrs. At 2hrs and 4mins he demanded more money. There were 4 boxes still on the truck, seriously? I gave them 5bottle waters, charged his Cel phone & he used up time using my bathroom in the house. It was a nightmare listening to him try to make sense of why I should pay more than the agreed price. He wasted a day and a half of MY TIME missing appointments & didn’t come with the ppl I rented. This guy was nuts, I wanted him out of my house, i paid him the extra money just to get him to leave before I call the cops on him. A total nightmare beginning to end, you’ve been warned! Never again!!!

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