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NIGHTMARE. Took positive reviews seriously and had the worst moving experience ever – and I’ve moved many times over many years all over the country.  A local move – about 5 miles from loading to unloading – and, although the loading part was fine, the unloading was a nightmare. The most incompetent, unprofessional, careless movers I’ve ever encountered. Multiple items were damaged beyond repair as I watched them stumble around (yes, stumble), dropping heavy items that hadn’t been strapped or wrapped. Running with fragile items and bumping the dolly up the stairs. Unloading boxes of books on top of boxes marked fragile. Yes, it was raining, but that was no excuse for their behavior, which included, as a bonus, an afternoon of screaming profanities at each other in my yard and in the truck. Each time I noted damage, they were offensive and defensive – although at one point, they came in, apologized for the damage, and offered to settle up and “finish the job off the clock.” Answer: No. A Geek Squad agent was connecting the TV so witnessed 45 minutes of the chaos; he said “This is unbelievable. Take pictures and call their supervisor.” I did both as the disaster unfolded, but the owner/boss didn’t respond. No response even to the call where I said, “I need your help, these guys are starting to scare me.” And as if destruction to items they moved wasn’t enough, I found two examples of vandalism after they left. Owner called next day, said he was unavailable to look at the damage until the following weekend and he said “You signed a waiver limiting our liability.” True, but the mover said, “Of course we’ll be careful with your things.” They weren’t. When I finally met with the owner, he was as offensive and unprofessional as his movers. He laughed (literally) at my claims of vandalism. He dismissed my concerns about the damage (e.g., when looking at the large expensive dresser broken in 2 places and all the drawers dented, he said, “They should have wrapped it, but I’ve done that, too.”). He dismissed everything I said about the experience (I have a witness to that meeting, too). When I said this is why I was calling him, he said, “Sometimes I have clients like you who call about everything and I just ignore them until after it’s all over.” Clients like me. He just ignores them. I said, “What about the call where I said they were starting to scare me?” He said, “A normal person who was scared would say ‘Get out of my house.'” A normal person. A normal person who still has stuff on the truck calls the supervisor. He’s sticking with the “You signed a waiver” line; that would give me a couple hundred dollars for what is about $4000 in damages, including to a wall in my house that has to be repainted. He came up with an excuse and a defensive or offensive response to everything I said. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR BELONGINGS AND YOUR HOME, AVOID ALL-AMERICAN MOVING SERVICES OF MERCED.

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