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This is the 4th time I have used this company to move me and will be the last.  The first 3 times they were great, but now they have new ownership and the experience was not good.
They were provided with a list of my landlord’s rules a week ahead of moving and failed to follow those rules.  The most important rule was that the landlord wanted ramboard put down to protect their floors.  They showed up on move morning without any ramboard.  They had to go to the store and purchase it.  That put my move 90 minutes late.  Then they added the price of the ramboards to my bill!!!  Don’t moving companies have their own ramboards??
They used two of MY moving pads (no problem) to wrap a very heavy desk hutch with for moving.
The next day I went back into my building to get one last item we left behind purposely, and found the ramboard all still laid out within the building.  They did not even remove their ramboard after the job!  I had to call them and ask them to move it before my landlord came unglued on me.  They used the excuse that my landlord asked them to leave it for someone else moving on a later day.  I asked my landlord and she said that wasn’t true.  I received a phone message from them Saturday to my office explaining why they hadn’t removed the ramboard yet.  I asked the girl why she called my office on a Saturday instead of calling my cell phone, and she said she didn’t have it.  Really?  You had it before move day and now that something went wrong, you don’t have it??
When I got home later that day, I found my desk hutch unwrapped, unprotected and my moving pads gone.
When I called them to ask why they unwrapped my desk and left it unprotected it took almost two weeks to get a phone call back.  When they did call back, they said the moving pads were theirs and they took them back.
I said “NO” the pads were mine and not only did you take them, but now my desk is unprotected.  I told them I wanted them to come back out and rewrap the desk they unwrapped and give me my moving pads back. They said they would have to charge me for that.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????
I said forget it, just return my moving pads.   It’s been 3 weeks and I am still waiting.  I can’t believe how unprofessional and straight up rude they are.  I have sent at least 6 emails, that have been unanswered, asking where my moving pads are.
The moving men are friendly and nice but the management is evasive and rude.  I will be stopping paying on my credit card if they don’t return my moving pads just out of principle

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