48 States Moving & Storage

I moved to San Diego June 24th because the delivery date was supposed to be a week after pickup, not two months. Dave was not helpful after pickup. Every time I contacted him, no news. A week before delivery I was notified that I had to pay extra because they couldn’t deliver my stuff without transferring vehicles which isn’t my fault since they picked everything up in a smaller truck, why would I have to pay for them to switch trucks for a third time.

With enough arguing, Dave covered that cost. My stuff came in damaged boxes. Nothing was the original shape or size it had left in. Our 40 inch flat screen had been damaged on the screen which costs as much as the tv to replace. They had brought in the items so fast I had trouble locating all the numbers but soon realized I was missing more than 5 of my boxes and a computer chair. I packed all of my son’s clothing in one box, biggest mistake of my life.

All the clothing we had bought for the future was gone. We lost all of our lamps. We lost piggy banks full of change. We lost my wife’s clothing. We lost decorative items for our living room, bathroom, son’s bedroom. Due to my own fault of trusting the other reviews, I chose to opt out of insurance. Therefore everything I lost I could only get so many cents to the pound.

I contacted Dave in hopes maybe he’ll be able to locate my items. Of all the things he found, he found my computer chair in the warehouse just hanging out elsewhere. It had been moved. So who knows what the heck happened to the rest of my crap.

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