Tri State Trash: Mindy Murray

Covington, KY’s best narcissistic dope devil and wh*re who utilizes individuals for her own pleasure and after that spits them out when she is finished utilizing them. A notable liar and con artist who undermined a sweetheart that she was in a multi year association with so she can be a lesbian with dope savages, and screwed over a buddy she called “the closest companion she at any point had.” Has been captured on many occasions to where she doesn’t care at all about herself or her kid like she says she does, rather pursuing medications, prostitution, and wrongdoings. She generally claims to be the unfortunate casualty when actually she is the liable individual that demonstrates no regret or responsibility. She will guarantee you to be the closest companion she at any point had, possibly to wound you in the back when all is good and well for her to do as such.

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  • Mindy Murray

    Darren Ambler just can’t stop his obsession with this girl. He is getting sicker as time goes by. He of all people should condemn someone for using drugs. Darren is a Pharmacist (which he should have his license stripped). He has tried every drug on the market and on the streets. He is very incompetent, unstable, brain damaged and unattractive. Darren has engaged in prostitution for over 4 years now carrying who knows how many gross diseases. He needs a hobby other than stalking prey on the Internet and tracking them down by car and other means. He should have his kids taken away for being incompetent dope addict.

    Patheticpup January 22, 2020 6:29 pm Reply

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