Overlake Medical Center

I would suggest you to prefer another place than this because the reason is,  I had a muscle cramp in my back and chest area for 3 days. I couldn’t get the medication off the shelf. So I went to the nearest urgent care (this one), to get medication to cure the cramp

1. At urgent care:
First thing I told the receptionist: I have a “CRAMP” in my chest region. I wasn’t panicked, but they were as I had pain in my heart region. I understand their concern and care. But they treated my for everything except for cramp. I explicitly asked for cramp medication, but except that they treated me for everything else. Finally all results came negative, so they wanted to get me CMR scan. Without giving any medication for cramp, they sent me to emergency care (the expensive one).

2. At Emergency care:
They monitored me for couple of hours ecg and I was sitting idle for 2 during the time. Finally, the doctor confirmed that there nothing wrong with my heart and suggested me to take painkiller (Tylenol, ibuprofen). Initially I thought that it is medication for cramp and left the hospital.

3. Later that night:
I got the medication, had one and slept. Suddenly at 2AM, I woke up with horrible pain (when there is no pain for a while and when it comes back, it is horrible). I lived on painkiller for couple of days until I got a medication from my friend for cramp.

4. Fee weeks later:
The hospital slammed me a huge fee for their service. I was wondering what was the service??? I raised the concern to the hospital. So they canceled my urgent care bill as goodwill notion. But still they didn’t understand the patients concern.

These are the things I heavily hated abt this hospital: A. I know what was the issue I had. Their doctors didn’t care to what patients say. B. Bz of their incapability at the urgent care to detect the problem, they sent emergency care when they slam with huge bill. C. They diagnosed it a cramp finally, but never gave a medication to cure it. Instead suggested me to take painkiller to alleviate my pain for a short while.

D. They slammed with a huge bill for going in and coming out of the hospital with no change in my pain. I just could have stayed at with home without visiting the hospital. It would’ve made no difference. Go here at your own risk..

Phone # : (425) 688-5000

Address : 1035 116th Avenue Northeast, Bellevue, Washington, United States

Website :  https://overlakehospital.org

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