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On March 16, 2018 JG Wentworth proved to be incompetent and unresponsive in getting their primary task completed-closing a home loan on time. I began the application process over two months before we needed to close on a new house (I had to wait to lock my rate-two months before closing.) They were not able to deliver the paper work to the closing attorney on time. To rub salt in our wounds on closing day the closing attorney tried over and over to get in touch with our loan processor and no one returned their call-all day. We were supposed to close our loan at 4:00 pm on Friday and when all parties arrived at the closing attorney’s office they had not heard one word from JG Wentworth concerning our closing package. Needless to say the people we were purchasing the house from were furious and we were out on the street for three days (it was Friday.) We incurred and documented over $3800.00 in expenses and loss of wages, not to mention the embarrassment and anxiety they caused us. Everything we owned was in a locked house we did not own. JG Wentworth offered us a remediation gesture of $1, 279.46 that does not begin to cover the loss we incurred as a result of their utter ineptitude and lack of corporate and personal professionalism. When asked how they arrived at the amount offered Mr. Van Richardson stated that “we felt this was a fair gesture we could provide to try and remediate your experience.” Mr. Richardson gave no explanation as to how he arrived at the amount he offered in spite of the documentation we provided.
While the compensation offered does not cover our, losses I would like to settle this matter. I contacted Mr. Van Richardson on June 4, 2018 and stated that I would take the compensation he offered. He told me that the compliance and legal departments are now handling my complaints. After numerous emails asking him for contact information of these departments he told me to contact the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Agencies directly and JG Wentworth would be responding with them directly. After the humiliation of not closing our loan on time now they are not paying the compensation they promised.

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