Freedom Mortgage Corporation

In February of 2018, we received a phone call directly from Freedom maortgage stating to us that we had extra money in our account and they wanted to know what to do with the funds. We always pay extra on our account each month. We asked them to put the money toward our loan payments. That money was applied to our loan putting us two months ahead on payments. Each month we continued to receive statements resulting in 0.00 due. We continued to make monthly payments in September 2018 we decided to not make a payment because we were two months ahead. That’s when they called us and informed us that we were behind and they would forclose if we didn’t pay immediately. Now saying they took our money back without notice because they misallocatednwhere the funds should have went. Then gave us a bad credit rating and refuse to fix there mistakes. Basically they stole our money due to their lack of a proper accounting system. Left us with negative reports and zero repercussions for their mistakes. Totally taking advantage of us. Now we have to pay more money on a loan that was paid two months ahead of schedule. Poor business and poor customer service.

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