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Be careful with Crisp Funds.

Crisp Funds Scam

Crisp Funds just popped up on our radar and we don’t like what we see. Too many new companies offering debt consolidation teaser rates which end up being converted to expensive debt relief programs. Since we just started following Crisp Funds, we don’t have much to add at this point but we advise caution.

Look what they are saying on reddit

I got the flyer in the mail. Should I stay away from this company?
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7 hours ago

Seems like yea
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5 hours ago

I would say yes…in the little bit of research I’ve done I’ve found that the same “company” seems to be doing business under at least 3 different names that I’ve found so far:

Crisp Funds Whistler Funding Stonedale Partners

Identical mailers, nearly identical websites, all 3 sites anonymously registered on 10/25/18. God knows how many other names they’re functioning under. They’re also using virtual addresses for their “businesses”…

Their disclosures state they are a marketing firm that simply tries to connect you to an outside lender and make a referral bonus but more often people who have spoken to them are told “they couldn’t find a match for you” and they recommend their scammy debt settlement program


Look what they are saying on reddit

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