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Current client of the Sawaya Law Firm for 2+ years. I hired this law firm due to a car accident that was not my fault, and resulted in permanent injuries. This law firm has done absolutely nothing to take care of my case, and over that last 2 years I have faced surgeries, a mountain of medical care needed, I lost my career, I’ve lost my livelihood, I have permanent impairment etc. They have changed my attorney’s 3 times, communication is non-existent! Katie McClure who is Workman’s Comp. attorney is a joke…she thinks that she is God’s gift and that I work for her vs. the other way around..she is extremely uncaring and unhelpful and at one point has told me that she doesn’t handle the employer aspect of my Workman’s Comp. case and that I need to find an additional attorney…she brushes everything under the rug…truly a demeaning individual! My case has went to litigation now and has been in the litigation dept. for almost 5 months and there has been absolutely no progress what so ever! I now have pages upon pages of documentation of the neglect of this Law Firm in my case, and have even reached out to Michael Sawaya several times with no resolution. In addition to all the stress this law firm has caused me that past 2-years with no results it was never explained during consultation how much the law firm would actually be taking from me in the event of settlement…of coarse they disclosed their typical 33.3% or 40% for litigation, but what they don’t explain is that it applies to all settlements (in my case I have 3 different settlements on the table) so they get to take 40% of each settlement…so absolutely unfair after they have done nothing in 2-years and I am the one who has lost everything Of coarse with this law firm never actually pursuing my case I don’t anticipate that I will ever reach a point of settlement!  I am not sure what to do at this point and looking for any advise? Do I go to another attorney? Do I call Tom Martino – The troubleshooter and turn-over all the neglect that this law firm is guilty of? I truly feel taken advantage of by this firm and according to their reviews I am not alone. The Sawaya Law Firm commercials are a lie…they don’t care, they don’t treat you like family, and they certainly don’t execute their job with any level of integrity! They have bad business ethics…everyone of them, and they should be held accountable! The last thing that anyone needs after a life-changing accident is to deal with this type of Law Firm and their lack of execution and integrity…I really don’t know how these people sleep at night? Any recommendations on how to handle this Law Firm would be much appreciated…I am done trying to force them to do their jobs after 2+years…they have had more than ample opportunity to correct their shortcomings! Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide or even recommendations on Law Firms in Denver with a great reputation?

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