The Law Firm of Lonn Heymann

In my opinion, this firm will only collect your money as a paycheck and then will let the case run its own course. They do not care about building a defense for you. The agreement that you sign locks you into more money regardless of the outcome of the case which is fine if they build a defense and fight for you, which they do not.

I will not go into detail, however there was factual evidence that the officers submitted that gave proof that I was not driving and that I wanted a chemical test. These facts were not brought up at the DMV hearing by this firm and I lost my drivers license due to refusal. Lost drivers license equals lost job.

I believe that this firm is more interested in proving you are guilty other than building a defense for you by treating you like the prosecution. After signing the agreement, spending a lot of money for the first half of their agreement, and then finding out that they are not interested in building a defense or fighting for you, I terminated the firm. It seems like this firm wants to go to trial because it puts more money in their pocket by locking you into paying them more money if you go to trial.

By my experience, beware and avoid. After submitting a complaint to the BBB, (which they are not members of), I received an email from the firm threatening to sue me for defamation of character. What!? You are going to sue me because I have a complaint about your service that you will not take care of, resulting in an opinion that I have about your service!? Once again, beware and avoid, especially if this firm will threaten to sue you for an opinion that you have about their firm that they could easily take care of but choose not to do so.

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