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My best friend fired Andy Contiguglia, on Martin Luther King Day 2015, but as of 4/10/15, Andy has not refunded any of the fees paid even though his firm acknowledges owing me. I offered to accept a promissory note to be paid within 90 days in case he is having financial difficulties again but he wont respond to anything.

The COMPLAINTS that I have about Andy Contiguglia’s representation:

1. My friend got 10 felonies while other people in jail with public defenders are routinely getting 20 to 40 felonies down to 1 felony under Global Disposition, which was promised to John (and me) by Andy but not delivered.

2. Andy Contiguglia neglected to inform either of us about AdMin Court, Wellness Court or that people sentenced to community corrections are AUTOMATICALLY eligible for probation. He also never stated a reason that John was supposedly NOT ELIGIBLE for Recovery Court even though repeatedly asked.

3. My friend is a non-violent offender and could have been out on probation about 14 months ago but is still in county jail with a NO BOND HOLD.

4. Andy’s greatest career accomplishment is being the co-author of Colorado’s “Porn revenge law”. However, when I sought advise for a GAY MAN that had been vicitimized, Andy called it ,”Disqusiting” as he and Sonya were walking away busting out laughing at the gay victim. Apparently, he believes straight women are the only people that deserve protection or respect under the law that he wrote himself.

5. Mr. Contigugulia said, “EEEWWW” to me about 3-4 times right outside the court room at two different hearings(on 2 different days) when the topic of gayness came up. At one point, Andy admitted these homophobic outbursts to me and later asked me to “hug it out”, I guess as some sort of an inappropriate, creepy apology. I had to explain to this 45 year old Criminal Defense Attorney, in late 2014, that those kinds of shaming outbursts are not acceptable in any situation. And, shaming your OWN CLIENT, when he is not even present, but handcuffed in the Court room, is outrageous and cowardly. This exchange happened, with Sonya as a witness, but now Andy claims that he never had the outbursts either time. And, I presume, Andy and Sonya would probably also claim they have never screamed and yelled at me on multiple occasions, but that would also be untrue.

6. Drugs were delivered to my friend at CC by local law enforcement but Andy said, “Well, no one was hurt” and never reported the infraction.

7. When my friend was verbally abused and threatened over the loud speaker in jail because of his orientation, Mr. Contiguglia responded by saying “Perhaps John is being too sensitive”. This was the second time that Mr. Contiguglia stated, in front of me, that John was being “too sensitive” and was heard by Sonya but later she LIED TO MY EYEBALLS.

8. Andy wrote and delivered a 4 page letter to John in jail (that he had him sign), on the MLK Holiday, strongly suggesting that he take CC. This was Mr. Contiguglia’s professional advisement even though John, Me, and John’s Grandmother, all three, told him prior to BOTH sentencing hearings, that John would NOT be successful at CC but WOULD be successful at DOC. Mr. Contiguglia’s FOUR PAGE TYPED LETTER also had untruths about ME in it, which I found to be extremely inappropriate, unprofessional, unethical, threatening, misleading, dishonest, coercive, manipulative and, personally, highly offensive.

9. Andy Contiguglia let his client get sentenced by a Sentencing Judge a total of 4 different times with never having a PSI report completed almost 9 months later. In contrast, the PSI report was finally completed in less than 77 hours of our new attorney being hired.

10. Andy has refused to return my PERSONAL JOURNAL and DOCUMENTS THAT I PRODUCED that was written on and signed by my friend to me. He kept important info from John that could have helped his cases. We all have a moral responsibility to return diaries to people. What kind of a person would keep a diary from a grieving Uncle about the death of his 21 year old nephew being shot in the head?

Mr. Contiguglia states that he is licensed to practice law in Colorado, New York, and California but his most common response to my questions about the effectiveness of his counsel was, “I don’t remember”. Less than 2 weeks after the 10/27/14 hearing, Andy stated, to me, that he could not remember if he happened to say to the Judge, “Your Honor, may I suggest 30, 60, and 90(days)?” The Judge essentially overruled Mr. Contiguglia and found that his suggestion was unreasonable to INCARCERATE HIS OWN CLIENT that long for a “violation” that predated all other charges. But, apparently, Mr. Contiguglia does not remember what he said in front of the Judge to demand such a response.

Bill 415-305-1454

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