McCracken Terri L Attorney At Law

Horrible!!!! The receptionist Manny keeps calling and harassing me. He told me he can’t wait until May 23 for Terri to take my daughter from me. I am the best father my daughter has and the best parent that provides and cares for her properly. Manny also threatened to call the cops on me because the mother of my child said i was going to keep her. Yes i was keeping her he called me when it was my time my days/nights with her. He had no right to call me or threaten that. Terri is horrible for allowing him to call me and harassing me like that knowing i have done nothing wrong and i even told Manny to please stop calling me because Terri is not my lawyer and they have no right to call me. They should not be like that or rude like that they should be neutral when speaking to the other party with respect and not harass them and start problems.

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