Law Office of Kimberly Diego

This person took my case which is a marijuana case, I paid Her $2000.00 she said she was a marijuana lawyer and that she’d put in motion’s to get this thrown out, cause there were several reasons to do so. Every time I’d ask once a month or so weather she’d put them in she would scream that I was insulting her by questioning her about how she was handling the case and insulting her, I was terrified to open my email for the entire 8 month’s I employed her, she would yell that I need to shut up and let her talk and I’d say calmly I’m not talking, please finish, she sent me law’s that were not valid for what i was being charged with. After reading all the marijuana law’s, I sent her the correct law and she again accused me of insulting her and that she knew that was the correct law she was just sending everything so I had it, only she didn’t send everything, she sent one law and it was not valid to my case or helpful in any way, she’ll literally in the same conversation completely rotate her opinion 180 then act as though that was her opinion the entire time and every time there’s a question she just yell’s that you’re insulting her and you’re talking when she is, there’s no actual communication or any defense what so ever, any time you ask what the status in once a month she just say’s you’re insulting her by questioning how it’s being handled, does nothing she say’s she will, she suggested that the D.A. get a private investigator to question the people i had in my defense without a lawyer present, in which these people were told false statements to scare them into saying whatever the d.a wanted to help them get a conviction. When I questioned why she would suggest it and told her what the P.I. was saying she swore “they wouldn’t do that because they have an ethical code they have to follow”. Like I was stupid for even mentioning it or lying about what was being said to these people. The time she did put into my case wasn’t to help my case but hurt it, it was like we were on two different sides, she wasn’t defending me she was against me it seemed like, so I got a new lawyer. She is attempting to keep the $2000.00 of mine,  I will have to spend most of what I gave her to recover this money but I will, cause people like this should connect their action’s to consequences. Stay far away from this person.

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