Holland & Hart Llp

Based on a friend’s debriefing review that used this firm for a mediation. I would not normally write about this subject except it was so epically horrible. Worst case possible experience. The mediator demanded that both parties meet in one room.
The mediator constantly allowed one party to scream obscenities to cut off the other party over and over and over again. Then, the mediator would not allow the other party to complete the conversation and moved to the next subject. When it came to the rights of an interested family member to receive any, much less a complete accounting about their mother, the mediator claimed it was not necessary. Later in a higher court, it was ruled that an accounting is in fact necessary. This raised a suspicion that the mediator lacked competency or possibly had an agenda.
At the end of the mediation, the opposing counsel openly discussed his daughter was involved in an internship with the mediators firm. This would appear to sum up the ethical void with this firm. The actual mediation structure was so poorly prepared it raised more concerns about any knowledge of the subject matter or possibly other ethical issues.

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