My husband and I were stationed at Yongsan in S.Korea. The 121 combat hospital that is there has the worst OB doctors ever.

Most of them are Korean civilians, but the experience has been traumatizing and overwhelming. First off I am 30 with a Pacemaker, I finally became pregnant and the time I went there, Dr. Khaun repeatably told me to abort my pregnancy and I was 70% sure of dying and the baby too. He kept pushing me and I spent weeks crying over this.

Every time I saw he refused to refill my medications and repeatedly told me and everyone else that I was dying and need to be shipped home. We got several opinions, and only one other doctor agreed. The only doctor in the army that works with my heart condition (that I am seeing now) says my condition has improved and that there was no need to push abortion and sterilization. This *** me off!

What if I listened to him and aborted this healthy baby, what would it of done to me. How could this doctor be in practice when he advises such harsh remedies with no real knowledge.

EFMP needs to be looked at for not doing my paperwork right and sending me to an installation where there are no cardiologist anyhow, we spent the last 4 months trying to get to BAMC. Ive been making complaints, this doctor needs to be removed.

Reason of review: emotional trauma .

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