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Stay away from this place unless you have a lot of time and patience on your hands and really (let me emphasize, REALLY) do not care about customer service. It started when I called them first time to transfer my car insurance policy from a different state to their location. I had to call multiple times leaving voice mails in order to speak to someone hours later. Then they kept on calling back asking for the same information twice, wrote down wrong phone number, etc. I should have stopped there! Anyway, I did eventually got my insurance policy transferred to their office and they mailed me my cards.

A few weeks later, I emailed Rhea directly (early AM) to ask for a quote for my condo and a storage unit. Hours later – no response. I called the office early afternoon – the fellow who answered the call hang up on me as soon as I finished asking him a question. I called back – no one answered the phone. Infuriated, I called for the third time – a woman answered the call and said that my first call was dropped (!!!). After I asked her for the quote, she said: “Ok,

I just e-mailed it to you”… with no further information she hang up on me. I checked my e-mail – indeed, there was an e-mail from her – a blank e-mail with NO attachments (btw, her name is Edith Mejia). Well, that was it for me! I called them to cancel my insurance with them and to transfer it to another State Farm office. Same fellow answered a call and said he could not do it himself and Rhea will call me in a few minutes… 30 minutes later – nothing.

I called again, this time Edith answered the phone. When I asked her about a promised ‘few minutes’ wait for a call back, she exclaimed: “Who told you that?????”. She then proceeded telling me that Rhea is with a customer and will not be free for another 1.5 hours! She did actually later resent an e-mail with a quote for a condominium; no storage unit was mentioned there.

Needless to say, no one called me back. I ended up contacting a corporate customer service representative in order to change the insurance agent. In the past 15 years, I lived in 5 states and moved my insurance with State Farm from one place to another and this is the first time to have such an awful experience.  Interestingly, after 5 PM, I received an e-mail from Rhea saying “sorry” and to call her cell to discuss; also she was going to take care of the quote from the morning herself the next day (!!!)….sweet, yet still unprofessional and way too late!

All way around, awful experience, wasted time and needless frustration – do yourself a favor and avoid this place. I also wonder whoever posted all these glowing reviews are actually real customers of this office….my experience with them is surely not unique.

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