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I have been working with Lockhart’s for but the real when we added a couple vehicles to our business’ commercial policy. We began to receive bills that were much higher than our initial price quote, with no explanation as to why. When we asked about it, one agent was rude to my employees over the phone.

Trying to figure out the problem was frustrating and difficult because the agent didn’t understand the problem and kept having to go back to Erie to figure out what they were billing us for. In addition, he wouldn’t return phone calls or emails for a few days. (Currently, I haven’t heard back from him in over a week.)

We eventually decided to change some of the terms of our policy to save some money, even though the agent couldn’t tell us what our new monthly payments would be. I was told that it would take up to 5 business days to make the changes. 2 and a half weeks later we received another huge bill from Erie. I called to ask why, and they had not changed our policy yet. The agent said not to pay that bill because they wouldn’t refund money that was overpaid (which I now know that insurance companies do routinely).

A week and a half after that we received our notice of changes to our policy and our new bill – a full month after I requested it. Half of the changes I asked him to make on our policy had not been changed. Plus Erie said our policy would be cancelled because we haven’t paid our bill.

I am not staying with this agent and I would not recommend any one else use them either. They do not care to take the time to help solve our problems, do things the right way, or communicate with us about our concerns.

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