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Worst experience I’ve ever had with an insurance agent. I insured my CLS with them a few days ago. My car had been sitting in a garage for months, so it would not turn over. I paid for a roadside assistance service with my policy, so I was surprised when I called and was asked to pay an out of pocket roadside assistance fee for a jump/tow.

The first technician arrived, and after a few minutes said I needed a new battery. He directed me to purchase the battery, and to call the technicians back to have them install it.

I called the agency the following day to tell them what happened. The service rep said that my policy could take 24 hours to appear, but that it should be visible now. So I took an Uber to purchase a battery, and went back to call another tech. When I called roadside assistance, I was again told that my policy was unviewable and I would need to pay out of pocket for assistance.

I specifically told the dispatcher that I needed a technician who could install my battery, and they said OK. When the tech got there, he said he was unable to change my battery as promised . He quickly charged the battery, the car turned over, and he jumped in His vehicle and left.

Needless to say, the car  stopped again between my garage and home and I had to call a third technician. He took close to two hours to come, and when he got close I was told I would need to pay an additional $100 to have my battery installed.

I spent hours in the cold and finally made it home after midnight. I wrote a very angry email to the Wright Agency letting them know the service was horrible and my business was basically lost. I asked that my reimbursements be processed, and remarked that I would be into the office the following day.

Jeunesse Wright called me the following afternoon, as I was walking to her office. I let her know I’d be there in 10 minutes. My phone died so I had to spend some time looking for the location. When I walked In, She greeted me, and followed by saying “hey Jason! Now you said you’d be here In ten minutes. Another five and I was going to leave on you.” Nice.

I’ll save the details of the interaction with Mrs. Wright, but I will say that I did not get a sincere apology or empathy from her at any point. Her reps were actually more professional than she was. The conversation devolved, and I asked her if I could switch my policy to another agent and get my reimbursement check. Her reply was no, and that I needed to hear what she had to say. I quickly left.

At this point I’m out about $250 in transportation cost and tow fees over and above my first payment, even though my policy has full roadside coverage. I was also quoted a payment $25 higher than another State Farm agent, supposedly for a ticket that I had thrown out a year ago. Also, it will take another two weeks for my policy to in fact become active,

so any other roadside issues I have will come out of my pocket as well. I have been pretty continuously insured since 1995. Never have I had an experience like this. Buyer beware!

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