We purchased travel insurance for the precise reason that there may be weather issues or even issues with us having to cancel our trip to Hawaii for work reasons.

Of course not reading the entire travel protection plan did not realize that unless we were actually sick or had a doctor’s reason for not going, no other reason could justify interruption of our trip.

We had to change our trip plans because of Hurricane Lane, waiting until the last minute to make these changes so that we could see if we wanted to cancel or change our plans. We ended up changing our plans instead of cancelling.

By changing our plans, it cost us an extra $650 for changing of flight even though the airline was ‘nice’ enough to waive the change fee.

When we tried to file a claim it was denied because hurricanes do not fall under the contract.

I use Expedia a lot and this was my first time purchasing the insurance. They really should have something that makes it clear that weather and job issues are not able to be claimed under the policy.

Needless to say I will not be purchasing this anymore and I put a shame on myself for not researching closer but also on Expedia, AIG and American Airlines for not caring that something beyond our control hurts us financially.

Bryan Kibling

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