Doug Girma

I think Allstate does a great job for an insurance company as I still have a few policies in NC, however, I have not had much luck here in VA with Doug Girma.  I first started with Allstate when I moved here, however, the few Allstate agents I have dealt with in NOVA, this agency especially has problems when it comes to calling their clients back, and in follow up.

It took 3 weeks to get a phone call back about a car insurance question, in addition, it took this agency 1 week to get back in touch with their own Allstate corporate, after I called to get answers. To top it off, I had to bring a homeowners credit to their attention that I was not receiving, and the only reason I knew about this credit was because State Farm brought it to my attention.

I feel like I am just another number with this agency  In my opinion, with there being so many insurance agents and agencies around, there are a lot of of ones out there that will gladly accept your business, and make sure they have your best interests in mind.  I switched to State Farm, saved money, and love it.  Plus they call me back.

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