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I filled a claim for a broken screen a week 6 days ago and Asurion was supposed to send a technician to repair the screen for me. The earliest appointment they had is 3 days after. On the of repair, which I had to take a day of so the technician can come to my house and fix my phonel’s screen, the technician called me and said that they don’t have the part and that Asurion will send me a replacement phone. I did receive an email from Asurion states that they are going to replace the phone and it will be shipped shortly. I received the shipment email with the tracking number. The next day, I checked the tracking number and tracking info says that Fedex could not deliver the shipment and it was sent to the shipper. I called Asurion and was on the phone for almost an hour and the representative said that they are not going to be able to reship the device because the adjuster denied the claim I asked to speak to the adjuster and asked her why my claim was approved and the. Was denied when the shipment could not be delivered. She said that I have to go to Verizon store to get a replacement.

The next day I went to Verizon store and they didn’t know why would Asurion would ask a customer to come to a Verizon store to replace a phone. The Verizon manager asked me to call Asurion to understand what’s going on. I called Asurion and put them on speaker so the Verizon manager can talk to them. A representative answered the call and said that we need to speak to an adjuster. Luckily, the same adjuster that I spoke to the night before was the same one on the line. She said that the claim was denied and when the store manager asked for the denial reason, she said that they cannot disclose the reason. The Verizon manager said it doesn’t make any sense to deny the claim then he asked to speak to her supervisor, she put us on hold for 15 minuets, then came back and said that they apologize for the inconvenience and that the reason was that fedex could not deliver the shipment and that she is going to reship.

She transferred me back to customer service to complete the shipment information. After the representative completed the shipment info, he said that it needs to go to the adjuster. I told him I was just on the phone with the adjuster and she said that the claim is approved and that you will ship the phone. He said that he doubt the adjuster said that and he accused me of lying. I asked to be transferred to the same adjuster and he sent me to a different one. The adjuster was rude and refused to get a supervisor on the line and refused to transfer me back to customer service.

I called customer service again and I asked to speak to supervisor. I asked the supervisor to look at the logs and find out what’s going on, she said that she can’t see any log. I asked her to listen to the recodings. She said I don’t know if the calls were recorded and she was so rude. I asked her to find a solution for my issue and she said that she won’t be able to help me. I told her that I am going to file a claim against Asurion and write about my experience, she said go ahead and that she doesn’t care. Her name is Shawnka and her Id is Dt147002.

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