The Willard

Beware of false advertisements.  The Willard is falsely describing their Willard King as having a Tempurpedic mattress.  This is totally false.  When I questioned them, they told me I was wrong and wanted to know what website I was using.  I was using their own website.  A month later the description remains unchanged.

We had to wait so long for them to bring our luggage up, my husband finally gave up and went down to get it himself.  No one even noticed.  It took them quite some time before they noticed it was missing and called the room.   We had waited between 20 and 30 minutes before my husband took the luggage up.

Finally, and most offensive, was the room we were provided was not ready.  I worried that the room had not been cleaned, as the minibar was mostly depleted.  I called immediately.  They sent someone up, approximately one hour after that call.  She took inventory and left.

We were never provided any bill at the hotel, so did not notice until my credit card showed charges we could not explain.  They charged us in excess off $46 for a minibar we never touched.

I tried to resolve with the hotel directly for a week.  After a week, I receive a call telling me they are making everything better.  They offered us points on a rewards we would never use again given how things were handled.  When I asked if the charges had been fixed, she told me she did not have the power.  What had she been doing for the past two days.

So after my formal complaint a week ago, with absolutely no response, as promised and my having the ‘escalate’ the issue a week later, still nothing is fixed.

There are several amazing hotels of equal or higher quality within a couple of blocks of the Willard.  I would recommend any of them over the Willard, if you value the quality of your stay.

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